Attorney Profiles
Gen Kajitani
Gen Kajitani
Born Tokyo, Japan, 1935
Admitted to bar, 1959, Japan
Education Tokyo University (LL.B., 1957)
Legal Training and Research Institute of the Supreme Court of Japan (1959)
University of Michigan Law School (Graduate Course 1962~1963 M.C.L.)
Harvard Law School (Graduate Course 1963~64)
Membership Dai-ichi Tokyo Bar Association (President, 1993~94)
Japan Federation of Bar Associations (Vice President 1993~94)
Vice Chairman, Central Commission of Labor Relations of Sea fearers (1995~1999)
Director, Japan American Law Society (1986~1999)
Councilor of International Bar Association (1993~99)
Justice of the Supreme Court of Japan (1999~2005)
Present Supreme Counsel of Kajitani Law Offices
Languages Japanese and English.
Practice Areas Corporate, Commercial, Bankruptcy ; Anti-Trust , Environment, Administration Laws. International Relations.